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What makes the WOWJude cleansing cloth so special?

We believe in looking after your skin naturally

The WOWJude cleansing cloth is made of a delicate fabric blend of polyester and silk fibers.
When wet it helps break the bond between, make-up, stubborn dirt and impurities, on the skin.
The millions of tiny fibers, which increase the surface area of the cloth by about 15 times more than that of a normal facecloth, attract all impurities directly off the skin and onto the cloth.

Therefore, impurities are not smeared or smudged around the skin, clogging up ones pores.

* It removes make up and facepaint with ease

* No chemicals or cleanser needed

* Environmentally friendly

The WOWJude cleansing cloth is a must have as part of your daily cleansing routine


How do you use your WOWJude cleansing cloth?

1.    Soak your WOWJude cleansing cloth in warm water - about the same temperature as your bath or shower.
2.    Starting with the front of the cloth using the shorter pile, start cleansing in circular motions which will start to remove all products and impurities off your skin.
3.    Once finished, turn the cleansing cloth over and use the longer pile to exfoliate, using the same circular motions.
4.    Rinse out with clean water and antibacterial hand wash between washes.

Machine washable. Not suitable for sun/tumble drying. Do not iron.


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